China's Largest Funds Apply for Spot Bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong

Major Chinese asset managers like Harvest Fund and Southern Fund are leveraging Hong Kong subsidiaries to apply for Bitcoin ETFs.
April 08, 2024
China's Largest Funds Apply for Spot Bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong

Some of China's biggest asset managers are using Hong Kong subsidiaries to enter the Bitcoin ETF market, according to recent reports.

Securities Times reported on Monday that financial giants like Harvest Fund and Southern Fund have submitted applications via their Hong Kong arms and are awaiting regulatory approval. The move reflects growing institutional interest despite China's previous hostility towards Bitcoin.

Harvest Fund manages over $230 billion in total assets, while Southern Fund oversees over $280 billion. Approval of Bitcoin ETF products from such influential institutions could significantly validate Bitcoin in the eyes of both Chinese regulators and investors.

The news is also a testament to the evolving landscape of Bitcoin in China. Despite its previous crackdown on Bitcoin trading and mining, the country is now witnessing a shift. While the mainland remains cautious, Hong Kong has adopted a more open approach, attracting the attention of Chinese funds.

By leveraging Hong Kong subsidiaries, major funds can gain exposure to Bitcoin in a compliant manner. The location provides a legal loophole for Chinese companies to participate in the burgeoning Bitcoin asset class.

Industry insiders are buzzing with anticipation as they predict a significant milestone in Bitcoin. Hong Kong's first Bitcoin ETFs could potentially launch as early as Q2 this year. 

Financial leaders are clearly eager to meet surging investor demand for Bitcoin access. Bitcoin ETFs offer a regulated on-ramp for both institutional and retail players.


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